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School Library, School Council, Digital Leaders and Eco-Schools 

School Library

Loddon Primary School Library contains over 7000 books and is staffed by a qualified Librarian. The aim of the library is to provide a welcoming environment that encourages and supports children by promoting the concept of reading for pleasure. A diverse range of non-fiction books provides material to support both curriculum learning and the children’s own hobbies and interests.  The recently updated collection of fiction contains a wide variety of popular books to encourage children at all levels of reading ability; ranging from picture books and quick reads through to chapter books and graphic novels.

How can my child access the school library?

The library is open Monday to Thursday lunchtimes for all children in Years 1-6 to come in independently to change their library books or use the library for quiet reading.

KS1 children have a regular library slot during lesson time where they can come to the library and change their books. Currently Year 1 visit the library on Thursday afternoons and Year 2 on Tuesday afternoons.

How many books can my child borrow?

Children in Years 1-4 can borrow one book at a time and children in Years 5 and 6 can borrow two books

How long can my child borrow a book for?

Books are issued for two weeks and can be renewed for longer if needed by bringing them into the library. A date will be stamped in the book as a reminder when a book needs to be returned. 

Children are encouraged to return their books on time. This enables them to choose a new book for themselves to read and the returned book is then available for other children to read as well.

What happens if my child loses or damages their book?

If possible we would ask for a replacement copy or a £5 contribution towards the cost of replacement. Please keep books in a safe place away from food and drink, pets and younger siblings!

School Council

Class representatives are nominated at the beginning of the academic year. Children put themselves forward and explain to their class why they would like to be a school council representative and what skills they have to offer to the role. Their peers then vote for them. A boy and girl representative are chosen from each class.


  • Meetings take place every 4-6 weeks.
  • The agenda is drawn up by the staff and chair / vice chairpersons.
  • The meetings are initially run by the adults with the idea that the      executive committee will take over once confident.
  • The executive committee consists of: a chairperson, a      vice-chairperson, a treasurer and a secretary.
  • School council representatives then take information back to their      class councils, where they will have a class meeting to discuss any      actions.

The school council are the student voice and they bring agenda items to be discussed from their class council meetings. They may also discuss things raised by a member of staff, the governing body or the PTA.

If you would like to know more information about the school council, please contact:

Mrs Shaw via the school office.

Digital Leaders

ICT at Loddon Primary School covers a wide range of hardware, software and web-based resources within the school premises and beyond. Our Digital Leaders play a key role in helping us manage these resources to minimise disruption whether in school or at home. They also inform us of what they would like to see in the future.

Digital Leaders are nominated by their peers as they have been identified as being positive role models when using ICT. They are selected in Year One and remain in this role throughout their time at Loddon.


Eco-Schools covers nine areas - Energy, Water, Biodiversity, School grounds, Healthy living, Transport, Litter, Waste, Global citizenship

How to become a member -

Children and adults volunteer to become members of the team due to their interest in and enthusiasm for making our community more environmentally friendly and sustainable.

Class representatives are usually nominated at the beginning of the academic year.

 Meetings take place once every half term.

  • Look out for the next meeting.
  • Minutes of the last meeting are attached.

If you would like to find out more please ask a representative from the Eco-Schools Action Team.

If, as a parent/carer, you would like to be involved please contact Mr Dibley via the school office.