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Our curriculum is driven by six key questions which link content in a values based, integrated curriculum across the year. It is planned to promote the moral, cultural, mental, spiritual and physical development of our pupils and to prepare them for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of later life. 

At Loddon Primary School we recognise that our curriculum should be broad, balanced and relevant and meet the needs of all children whatever their ability. We will actively research and reflect on best practice: locally, nationally and internationally to inform the pedagogical approaches we take to our teaching and curriculum delivery. As a Values-based Education school our values underpin all that we do at Loddon including being given a priority within the curriculum. Values Education enables children to discuss, explore and reflect upon those universally held positive values we live by which make us thoughtful, caring and responsible
citizens. Through this our children develop an understanding of themselves and their behaviour and are helped to realise how their actions affect others.

Diagram of our curriculum structure