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Meet the Governors

Members of the Governing Body

Sarah Phillips, Headteacher 

I have been the Headteacher of Loddon Primary School since 2012. Previously I was Headteacher of a Junior School. After training in the North East of England I have successful leadership, governance and teaching experience, spanning over 25 years, in a number of local authorities within the South of England. I am also an advisor for values based education and have mentored/coached a number of other Headteachers and school leaders.


Hannah Milway, Chair of Governors

I work in Marketing, Communications and Engagement at the University of Reading, where I have been a Graphic Designer for almost 15 years. Now a senior member of my team, I am involved with line management, workflow process and recruitment in addition to my design projects. I have a passion for effective design communication and I also enjoy working with people to develop their skills and achieve their potential. Outside my professional role I have worked with children in a voluntary capacity for many years, including having run an annual week-long residential activity holiday for 9-12 year olds.

My own three sons are now at Loddon and so I am excited to have this opportunity to contribute to the school. I joined the Governing Body in 2018 and am also Chair of Environment Committee.



Saaima Ashraf, Vice Chair of Governors

I am a chartered accountant with over 19 years experience working in businesses of all sizes. I enjoy working collaboratively and bringing financial expertise to non-financial people and business functions.

I joined the Governing Body in 2019 and I am a current member of the Finance and Personnel committees. I was also a previous Chair of the Loddon Primary PTA.

Both my daughters currently attend Loddon Primary. I am excited to have an opportunity to contribute to the School and its community.


Donald MacDonald

I have been a governor at Loddon Primary since 1992 and am Chair of Finance & Personnel.


Chris Poston

I am an IT Infrastructure Manager for a large hospitality company based in Reading and have been in the IT industry for nearing 20 years. I became involved in the school PTA in 2018 and have assisted in many events or projects alongside others and have recently become a governor in 2021. I enjoy serving the community and have also been involved in many projects with Church, Readifood, charities and leadership in a summer fun day for a local area. Both my daughters are currently attending Loddon. I am excited to have an opportunity to contribute to the School and its Community.



Katie Richardson

I have a science background majoring in chemistry and for the last 18 years have worked for an organisation within in the chemical industry.  I currently work in management and oversee a team of customer facing technical experts.  I hope to be able to bring the skills I have developed within my professional life to my role of parent governor. 

My children currently attend Loddon Primary School.  Prior to becoming a governor, I have been actively involved in the PTA for the last 5 years initially as a ‘happy helper’ and for the last 2 years as part of the PTA Committee.  I have found it rewarding giving back and supporting activities which benefit the school & its pupils and look forward to continuing this as a governor.

Jo Anna Reed Johnson

I am an Associate Professor at the University of Reading, Institute of Education, where I have been working in teacher education and professional development for the last 5 years, and in three other HEIs for the past 20 years.  As School Director of Climate and Sustainability Education I have been very lucky to get involved in embedding this learning into the pre-service teacher curriculum and influencing this more widely.  My doctoral research allows me to consider the importance of developing whole school approaches to education for sustainable development (ESD).  As someone who worked in schools with children for 10 years, both in England and Singapore, as a Science & Physics teacher, Head of Physics and Head of Year, this role allows me to re-connect with children which is at the heart of everything that I do.

As a community governor I am excited to work in collaboration with a University of Reading community partnership school whose Values Based Education approach very much resonates with the principles of ESD.   I joined the Governing Body in 2022.

 Y6 Mr London

Lewis London, Staff Governor

Mr London is a Year 5 teacher and our computing subject leader.

Rebecca Chard 

I have been a Governor since February 2018. Prior to this I was chairperson of the PTA and so I am pleased to have been able to serve the school community for a number of years now. I have a particular interest in PSHE and pastoral care.


Heather Gilbertson

I have been involved been involved in education for all my working life. I taught classes of children across the primary age range before becoming the headteacher of a Bedfordshire Lower School. Later I moved to work for the Science Learning Centre as a professional development leader providing in-service training for teachers. After a break to spend time with my young family I have recently returned to education as a tutor providing alternative education for learners who are out of school.



Michele Sylvester


Sharon Hau