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Meet the Governors

Members of the Governing Body

Sarah Phillips Headteacher 

I have been the Headteacher of Loddon Primary School since 2012. Previously I was Headteacher of a Junior School. After training in the North East of England I have successful leadership, governance and teaching experience, spanning over 25 years, in a number of local authorities within the South of England. I am also an advisor for values based education and have mentored/coached a number of other Headteachers and school leaders.






Hannah Milway Chair of Governors

I work in Marketing, Communications and Engagement at the University of Reading, where I have been a Graphic Designer for over ten years. Now a senior member of my team, I am involved with line management, workflow process and recruitment in addition to my design projects. I have a passion for effective design communication and I also enjoy working with people to develop their skills and achieve their potential. Outside my professional role I have worked with children in a voluntary capacity for many years, including having run an annual week-long residential activity holiday for 9-12 year olds. My own three sons are now at Loddon and so I am excited to have this opportunity to contribute to the school.


 Donald MacDonald

I have been a governor at Loddon Primary since 1992 and am Chair of Finance & Personnel

Staff Governor - vacancy (election to be held September 2021)



Heather Gilbertson

I have been a Governor since February 2019 and I am Chair of the Curriculum Committee.

I am currently a stay at home Mum to my two sons who attend Loddon Primary School.

My work background is as primary school teacher and Headteacher before working for the Science Learning Centre, as a professional development leader and Director of London and the South East.





Rebecca Chard 


I have been a Governor since February 2018. Prior to this I was chairperson of the PTA and so I am pleased to have been able to serve the school community for a number of years now. I have a particular interest in PSHE and pastoral care.


Katja Strohfeldt-Venables

I am a Dean for Teaching and Learning at the University of Reading. As a Dean I am responsible for the Quality of teaching at the University and I oversee all teaching related activities within my subject areas, which include Humanities, Languages, Literature, Film, Typography and Arts. I initially trained as a secondary school teacher for Biology and Chemistry and then decided to stay at the University to start an academic career focusing on Teaching and Learning. I live locally and I am very passionate about getting involved in the local community. Our daughter attends Loddon School and she has been part of the first cohort with three form entry



Saaima Ashraf - Vice Chair of Governors


I am a member of all Governor committees and also a current Chair of the Loddon Primary PTA. I am a chartered accountant with over 19 years experience working in businesses of all sizes. I enjoy working collaboratively and bringing financial expertise to non-financial people and business functions. Both my daughters currently attend Loddon Primary. I am excited to have an opportunity to contribute to the School and its community.