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Parent Support Advisor (PSA)

Your Parent Support Advisor (PSA) Kam Bhogal at Loddon Primary School, is here to help you.

Your Parent Support Advisor, offering support, help and guidance for parents and families who may need support in improving their child's school attendance, improving child's behaviour, offering workshops, courses, parenting courses or simply access to information. 


Direct Dial: 0118 207 0210

School office:0118 926 1449

Mobile: 07407145624

Working days: Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 8.30am - 4pm 


When might you need to contact your Parent Support Advisor?

  • "I have a question about parenting"
  • "I need help getting my children to school on time"
  • "I would like someone to talk to"
  • "My child's behaviour is getting out of hand"
  • "I'm worried my child is being bullied"
  • "I'm struggling since my partner left, what can I do"


Your Parent Support Advisor also runs regular open sessions welcome to all parents and carers.