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Foundation Stage FS1 (Nursery)

  • Own choice of clothing suitable for school activities.
  • Children may wear a Loddon sweatshirt or fleece or cardigan if they wish to.
  • All Foundation Stage children will need suitable outdoor wear and flat footwear for frequent outdoor learning activities.

Foundation Stage FS2 (Reception) and Year 1-6

Everyday uniform

  • Grey school trousers, shorts or skirt
  • White shirt, blouse or polo shirt
  • Blue Loddon sweatshirt or fleece or cardigan
  • Grey school pinafore dress
  • Blue and white checked dress
  • Black, white or grey socks (no other colours)
  • Black or grey tights
  • Black plain shoes or boots in winter (flat and closed toes for safety)
  • Black or white short, plain headscarf worn for religious reasons (thin material advisable)
  • Children also need suitable outdoor wear such as a coat in winter and a hat in summer

PE Equipment (in a small drawstring bag - needed in school every day)

  • House T-Shirt
  • Lightweight trainers
  • Black shorts
  • Plain Tracksuit (optional)
  • Long socks and shin pads
  • Black, grey or white short socks

Swimming Kit (in a waterproof bag - needed in summer term)

  • Swimming trunks or One piece swimming costume or Modesty swimming costume
  • Swimming hat and 1 or 2 towels


All pupils

  • For safety reasons children should only wear small stud earrings to school and a small watch, religious bracelet or necklace. No other jewellery should be worn. Also, for safety reasons, jewellery will have to be removed during PE including swimming.
  • It is not appropriate for pupils to bring or wear make-up (including nail varnish) to school.
  • Long hair should be tied back at all times for hygiene and safety reasons with the use of a small, plain hair band/tie blue, black or white in colour. Hair colouring, excessive hair gel and patterns cut into the hair are not appropriate for school.


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