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SEND Resource Base your questions answered

Please note that the Resource Base is now full for September 2024

Thank you for your response to the SEND resource base consultation. This page offers some further details and answers to your questions.

Currently we are making final plans and arrangements for the SEND resource base and this page will continue to be updated as more information is made available and further decisions are taken.

How will it be decided who can attend the Resource Base? Only pupils with an EHCP (an education and health care plan) will be able to attend the Resource Base. An SEND admissions panel will review all EHCP pupils who have been suggested as potentially suitable for this provision and places agreed through this admissions group.

Loddon pupils and non-Loddon pupils (with an EHCP including social communication needs) may be considered.

Pupils for the first cohort in September 2024 have been identified via an SEND panel in March 2024 and their families will be contacted shortly.

The Resource Base is now full for the academic year 2024-2025.

Will the SEND pupils receive more funding? The pupils who attend the Resource Base will be allocated funding for additional support and resources via the EHCP process. This funding will be used for a range of resources, in some cases for additional support staff, depending on the pupils individual needs and the provision outlined in their EHCP. The senior teacher employed to run the Resource Base will monitor and evaluate the allocation of resources in partnership with school staff, parents of the pupils attending and external SEND professionals.

What happens to the SEND pupils after Y3? Initially pupils in reception - y3 will be admitted to the Resource Base, this is phase 1, overtime  further places will be planned in for y4-6 as part of a later phase. Therefore Resource Base pupils may continue there until the end of y6, subject to annual reviews of their EHCP, this means like all Loddon pupils they may spend all their primary years with us.

How will the integration of pupils 50% of the time into mainstream look? The 50%/50% split will look different for each pupil depending on their needs. For example a pupil may attend the mainstream class for particular subjects or mornings only or attend less mainstream classes at the start of a school year and more overtime as they are supported to access lessons with their mainstream peers.

How will this impact classes sizes? In the first phase there will be x1 pupil allocated to the register for each class reception- 3.

In this regard this will have no significant impact on class sizes which are expected to remain at 30. Occasionally this may take a class to 31 but, this already is the case in some classes at Loddon and in that case the additional pupils will be in the resource base for 50% of the time where as currently, when we go over 30 for a vulnerable pupil, there is no guaranteed additional provision available.

Overtime there will be x3 pupils admitted to each year group - resulting in x1 or x2 extra pupils per class in school again this will not significantly change our class sizes.

If my child is in a mainstream class can they also use the Resource Base if they have SEND?

The Resource Base will be accessed only by those pupils with EHCP which has named it as their placement. Mainstream pupils with SEND, otherwise, will be educated in the main school not the base although we will on occasion share activities together as part of the wider school community.