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About the Governors | Statutory Governor Information

Governor Roles

Name Category Positions Committee Memberships
John Brady Co-opted Chair of Governors, Safeguarding and LAC Governor Curriculum, Environment, Finance, Pay, Personnel.
Sarah Phillips Headteacher Headteacher Curriculum, Environment, Finance,, Personnel.
Saaima Ashraf Co-opted Vice-chair of Governors Curriculum, Environment, Finance, Pay, Personnel.
Donald MacDonald Local Authority Chair of Finance, Pay & Personnel Committees Finance, Pay, Personnel.
Katja Strohfeldt-Venables Parent Curriculum, Finance, Personnel.
Rebecca Chard Parent Curriculum
Hannah Millway Parent Chair of Enviroment Committee Curriculum, Environment, Finance, Pay, Personnel.
Heather Gilbertson Co-opted Chair of Curriculum Committee Curriculum, Finance, Pay, Personnel.
Gemma Didcock Staff Curriculum, Environment,

Governors' Terms of Office

Name Start End Attendance 2020/21 (as of March 2021)
John Brady 01/09/2018 31/08/2022 94%
Sarah Phillips 01/09/2012 n/a 100%
Saaima Ashraf 23/04/2019 22/04/2023 100%
Donald MacDonald 22/10/2014 09/10/2022 92%
Katja Strohfeldt-Venables 04/10/2017 03/10/2021 91%
Rebecca Chard 14/02/2018 13/02/2022 86%
Hannah Millway 29/09/2018 28/09/2022 100%
Heather Gilbertson 01/11/2019 31/10/2023 100%
Gemma Didcock 25/11/2017 24/11/2021 90%