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May my child take planned absence from school in term time?

Only in exceptional circumstances. Daily attendance at school strongly contributes to a pupil's success. Lessons are carefully planned and the skilled input of teaching staff cannot be entirely replaced by additional homework or activities elsewhere when children are absent. In line with national expectations absence will only be authorised in exceptional circumstances.

The school attendance policy also applies to all children accepting a place at our school including nursery children and 2 year olds.

If parents/carers know that a pupil is going to be away for a period of time it is important that they inform the school as early as possible. A Request for Absence form should be completed to request time for planned absences and returned to the school office with as much notice as possible.

Is there an entitlement to take absence from school for holidays or to visit family overseas?

Absence from school in term time will only be authorised in exceptional circumstances. There is no automatic entitlement to term time absence.


How do I report unplanned absence from school for example if my child is unwell?

If you child will be unexpectedly absent from school please phone or email the school office by 8.30am on the first day of absence or complete the website contact form. You will be asked to give a reason for your child’s absence.