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Working together to realise the potential in everyone

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Headteacher's welcome
Headteacher's welcome

Loddon Primary School

We pride ourselves on our caring and supportive team ethos which combines high expectations and a family atmosphere to develop each child's full potential both socially and academically. As a Values School we follow the principles of Values Based Education We are proud to have achieved our Enhanced Mark for Values Based Education and to support other schools locally in their own Values projects and development.

We are committed to encouraging, supporting and challenging every child to realise their potential.

School Vision

Our vision for Loddon Primary School in 2026

Working together to realise the potential in everyone …

At Loddon we believe in the key importance of positive relationships based on trust, equality and mutual respect and this will form a central feature of our values-education based school. Children and adults will radiate joy and feel happy to be at Loddon. Their well-being and positive mental health will be enriched by being a member of Loddon Primary School.

We will be an open and honest school where people feel welcome and share a sense of belonging. Parents and community members will want to contribute to Loddon Primary School and to play a key role as part of our school family. Our children in return will give back to the local community of Earley as ambassadors for values-education.

We want to recruit and retain quality staff with ambition, enthusiasm and professionalism that go the extra mile to achieve Loddon’s dreams. At Loddon we will actively research and reflect on the best practice: locally, nationally and internationally to inform the approaches we take to our teaching. Through our reflective approach and commitment to on-going professional learning we will be a centre of excellence for professionals at all stages in their career.

We will offer a physical and emotional environment which inspires our learners as we believe that a quality environment both inside and outside will lead to higher levels of engagement and deeper learning for our children.

We will use the best of modern technology to inspire and innovate and will be a leader in the educational application of such technology.

We believe that learning does not always happen in formal blocks of time or knowledge and so we will be flexible in our organisation and planning to allow children to have greater ownership of their own learning.

At Loddon we believe in the limitless potential of all our children and our pupils will leave Loddon recognising that their time with us is only the beginning of an exciting and life-long journey of learning. Loddon’s legacy will be that our children are confident and determined to make a positive difference to our ever changing world.

 We thank you for your interest in our school.

Sarah Phillips